• Privacy Policy

• Basic policy
With respect to your right to privacy, TOMATEC America, Inc. (TOMATEC) and everybody involved in TOMATEC’s business recognizes the importance of properly handling privacy and taking appropriate measures for the safe management of such information. Accordingly, we observe regulations related to privacy rights (laws protecting personal information), other laws that may be related and guidelines.
1. Obtaining personal information
We obtain personal information through proper and fair means which are required for us to attain specific goals related to our business.
2. Notifying personal information usage
As a general rule, we make sure to notify customers in advance when personal information of him/her is obtained.
3. Using personal information
We use personal information only for the required scope of work needed to attain business goals.
We do not provide personal information to a third party without acquiring your consent.
4. Sharing personal information
In cases that we share personal information with a third party, we will notify you in advance.
5. Safely managing personal information
In order to attain our business goals within our required scope of work, we strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date.
6. Supervising employees and subcontractors
We provide necessary and appropriate supervision for our employees in order to achieve the safe handling of personal information.
We also provide necessary and appropriate supervision for any third party that is outsourced by us to handle personal information, in order to achieve the safe handling of personal information.
7. Disclosing personal information
Regarding personal information that we retain, in the case that the customer requests notification, disclosure, change/addition/removal of details, usage termination, removal of all information and stoppage of third party provision, we will comply with all applicable regulations and correspond with integrity.
8. Support
We have set up a special support team to correspond with you on any questions or complaints relating with how personal information is handled.
9. Establishing/Maintaining the Privacy policy
n order to take into effect all of the policies listed here, a privacy policy has been established. All employees including board members are aware of the policy and strict compliance is understood. At the same time, the policy is monitored regularly and amended as necessary.
10. Instructing/Training
n order to manage personal information in an appropriate manner, we hold instructional and training sessions related to the policies listed here.
11. Compliance
We observe regulations related to privacy rights and other laws in order to protect personal information.