Complex Inorganic Color Pigment

TOMATEC offers 50 types of complex inorganic color pigment

CICP is a type of inorganic pigment that is composed of more than 2 kinds of metal oxides. They are also known as calcined pigment since they are produced by calcination at higher than 800°C (1472°F). They are highly durable bright colors made for high-demand engineered applications such as plastics, coatings, and ceramics. TOMATEC color has been selected for nearly 50 years both in the domestic and global market as a result of its excellent and reliable performance such as good heat resistance, chemical resistance, weatherability, and proven safety.


Image of TOMATEC Color

TOMATEC offers a comprehensive line of CICP products with a variety of crystal structures and chemical compositions. Communication with our customers is our top priority, providing valuable information from technical data to compliance reporting regarding various laws and regulations.

Main Applications: Coloring of plastics, paints, ceramics, etc.

Environmentally-Friendly Pigment

Image of Environmentally-Friendly Pigment

Most CICP are chemically inert and therefore non-toxic. However, some CICP consists of elements such as Cr, Sb, and Ni that may cause health problems in individuals.
As a solution, TOMATEC offers proprietary environmentally-friendly pigment such as buff yellow pigment with Chromium- and Antimony-free compositions.

Main Applications: Coloring of plastics, paints, ceramics, etc.

Near IR Reflective Pigment

Image of Near IR Reflective Pigment

Recently, inorganic pigments have been incorporated into various products not only for their color, but for providing additional functionality to plastics, coatings and ceramics. TOMATEC near IR reflective pigment has attracted a great deal of attention over the years because they have color but also reflect near IR light, which lowers heat build-up caused by the sun. TOMATEC offers various choices to meet your requirements such as Cr-free black grades.

Main Applications: Water-based and solvent-based paint (housing-related products such as exterior siding materials and roofing, home appliances, etc.)

Laser Marking Pigment

Image of Laser Marking Pigment

The Laser Marking market has been growing because of its features – an ink-free system, scratch resistance, versatility of surface and design, tamper- and forgery-proof design, and high velocity marking with excellent quality. Unfortunately, major polymers are rarely marked due to their inadequate absorbability of the laser beam. The patented TOMATEC laser marking pigment can give excellent marking to all kinds of plastics and coatings with extremely small loading amounts.

Main Applications: Printing all sorts of cards and films, identification labels of home appliances and convenience goods, expiration date labels on food wrappings, etc.

TOMATEC Laser Marking Pigment
Conventional Pigment